Remote Deposit Capture

Click. Scan. Submit. Now you can deposit checks according to your time schedule with Remote Deposit Capture from Centrix Bank. This service provides an easy, cost-effective way to process check deposits electronically right from your desk without having to make frequent trips to the bank. 


A specialized scanner connected to your business' computer images both sides of each check, reads the handwritten dollar amounts, then transmits the scanned check images via an encrypted Internet connection directly to Centrix Bank. The electronic image, representing the legal equivalent of the original check, will go through typical check processing, and then the funds are deposited into your Centrix Bank account. 


  • Easy to use — Scanner quickly images and reads both sides of checks.
  • Added convenience — Eliminates trips to the Bank, saving transportation costs and valuable staff time.
  • Improved cash flow — Deposits can be made more frequently.
  • Greater reporting capability — The deposited check images and reports are stored on either an external device, (such as a thumb drive), or website for reference. 


  • Take advantage of our specialized business banking services for businesses, municipalities and not–for–profit organizations without considering proximity to a branch location.
  • Onsite installation and training are provided free of charge.
  • Cost-effective automation of check deposits.
  • Easily make deposits to multiple accounts without leaving your office.
  • Can be used in conjunction with our lockbox processing to capture deposits that are received at your business location.


For more information or to schedule a tour of our Bedford operations facility, please contact our Business Development Team today at 603-647-4446 or 800-483-0220.