Community Involvement

Centrix Bank introduced our Community Investment Program (CIP) as an extension of the Bankís traditional community service efforts. The CIP serves two primary functions: 

  • Provides an effective process for planning the Bankís annual charitable giving.
  • Provides a guide for nonprofit agencies regarding how the Bank approaches philanthropy and annual commitments, as well as outlines the process for requesting assistance to comply with the CIP criteria.

Community Investment Policy

Centrix Bank is dedicated to being an active and supportive member of our communities. Hundreds of organizations look to citizens and businesses in their local community for support. The Bankís Community Investment Policy provides a consistent process to carefully review each request.

Following careful evaluation, support is given to those that meet the Bankís community service initiative requirements. The Policy serves as a guide for the Bank to evaluate sponsorships and corporate giving.

By utilizing the guidelines defined in the Policy, Centrix Bank continually focuses beyond banking with our charitable giving, philanthropic engagements, and volunteer service work to help make our communities better places to live and work.

Community Outreach Program

Regardless of how we are involved with an organization, Centrix Bank wants to become an active partner at a grassroots level, not just a source of funds.

Each year, Centrix Bank engages in one-on-one meetings with elected officials of the towns and cities we serve. During personal meetings with the mayor and/or other designated community officials, the Bank takes the time to learn more about the needs of each community. Next, Centrix Bank carefully evaluates those needs to consider how we can become involved.

Some typical community projects may include the following: historical renovations, park restorations, city-wide clean-up initiatives, and so forth.

Corporate Commitments

In addition to activities related to the Centrix Bank Community Investment Program, the Bank is committed to providing annual support to the three organizations listed below.

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