Community Investment Policy

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Our Mission

The mission of Centrix Bank is to provide high-quality financial products and services to small to medium-sized businesses, professionals, municipalities, and not-for-profit organizations in the community at fair and competitive prices, while delivering a meaningful value to its shareholders.

Our Commitment to Community

We believe Centrix Bank is a product of the communities we serve. We are committed to strategically reinvesting in those communities, recognizing their health and well-being are critically important for our employees and their families, our customers, our shareholders, and the citizens of New Hampshire.

At Centrix, we conduct our business by embracing the values of respect, commitment, creativity, and strong communications. We believe in building and sustaining long-term relationships with our customers and are dedicated to consistently performing beyond in all that we do.

We carry these corporate values and philosophy into our charitable giving efforts, recognizing that every initiative to which we contribute, or in which we become involved is an opportunity to make our communities better places to live and work. Regardless of how we are involved with an organization, we want to become an active partner, not just a source of funds.

We provide support to not-for-profit organizations and programs in a variety of ways including donations, sponsorships, and volunteer involvement. In addition, we are active participants in various Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA) programs and the New Hampshire Bar Foundation’s Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA) program.

As a relatively young, mid-size bank positioned in a market where there are significant numbers of worthy not-for-profit agencies and programs regularly seeking financial support, we regretfully acknowledge that we cannot contribute to or become involved in every opportunity presented to us, despite our desire to do so.

Centrix Bank is dedicated to our communities, so please refer to our Giving Guidelines and How to Apply sections for further information.

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Areas of Focus

United Way

Despite our desire, due to our inability to contribute to all worthy causes, we are committed to supporting United Way organizations in the communities we serve. We believe the United Way provides critical community-based organizations, identifying community needs and providing funding for a network of agencies, which offer services to a diverse group of individuals and families.

Our corporate commitment to the United Way is specifically directed to the Granite United Way, whose service area encompasses our corporate headquarters and several of our branch locations. We also encourage and support employee campaigns throughout our bank network, offering payroll deduction to our employees and proudly displaying the United Way flag at our Bedford executive office and full service branch.

Other Areas of Focus

In addition to our support of the United Way, we believe we are most successful in our charitable involvement efforts when we focus our giving to organizations and programs that:

  • Impact/improve the lives of low-income individuals and/or at-risk or disadvantaged youth.
  • Provide basic housing, technical assistance, and support to individuals and families.

Generally, we do not contribute to:

  • Endowments
  • Capital campaigns
  • Individuals
  • Local chapters of national organizations
  • Political organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Foundations
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Organizations that discriminate in any way
  • Trips, tours or transportation
  • Organizations that we have contributed to in the previous 12 months (with the exception of the United Way)

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Giving Guidelines

Corporate Giving

Our corporate philanthropic efforts are accomplished through the development of “Signature” and “Non-Signature” programs.

Signature programs: We strive to leverage our charitable dollars as best we can. Each year, we will target up to five organizations (in addition to the United Way) that we will donate up to $5,000 to and possibly encourage our employees to volunteer, as well. We are proactive in supporting a select group of organizations whose values and areas of focus are consistent with the Bank's and where our involvement will be the most meaningful and celebrated. Use of our logo as part of the recognition of our partnership may be expected.

Non-Signature programs: Organizations may apply for up to $1,000 to support programs within our areas of focus.

Due to the demand for support, Centrix Bank does not typically award funds to the same organization over successive years. Multi-year commitments will be considered if the case for support is strong and the financial request is warranted.

Applicants must have a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 status, a minimum of two years of direct service experience in New Hampshire, and be able to describe and/or document measurable outcomes or results of the program for which support is requested.


Corporate sponsorships will be viewed as an effort to effectively promote the Bank to our current and potential customers. Sponsorships will be limited to those not-for-profit organizations located in markets in which we have branch locations. Requests for sponsorships of up to $1,000 will be considered, with priority given to those agencies serving the needs outlined in our Areas of Focus and judged by the Bank to have meaningful impact on the communities we serve.

Note: Due to the fact that Centrix Bank receives so many requests to sponsor local sports teams, decisions regarding such sponsorships will be at the discretion of the senior officer in each market in which we have branch locations.

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How to Apply

If you believe your organization or program fits our giving criteria, please send your written proposal (see guidelines below) to:

Ranelle Forgione
CIP Coordinator
Centrix Bank
1 Atwood Lane
Bedford, NH 03110
Fax: (603) 647-2434

For charitable contributions, please limit your proposal to two pages. We prefer direct, straightforward proposals and requests without significant amounts of supporting documentation. We want to understand your mission, your goals, how the money you are requesting will be used, and how many people will be impacted. Please attach a one page project budget and proof of your 501 (c) 3 tax exempt status to your proposal. Finally, make sure to include a contact name and number if we have any questions.

For sponsorships, please describe and document how your request fits our sponsorship guidelines.

Deadlines: None

Notification: Generally, we will respond in writing within 30 days of receipt of your written request.