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Responsible for managing the information security function within the Bank.  Responsible for coordinating initiatives and overseeing policies, procedures, standards, systems, networks and appropriate vendors, to ensure the adequate protection of the Bank’s information assets, in order to minimize the risk of monetary loss, productivity loss and/or reputation loss.  Responsible for identifying information security risks, improving information security awareness, and developing information security solutions.



  1. Manage the Bank’s Enterprise Information Security Program, including the update and maintenance of its documents.
  2. Ensure the Bank is using modern and effective information security measures (such as systems, software, hardware, server configurations, networks, policies, procedures, standards, controls, vendors) and that these measures are appropriately assessed, evaluated, implemented, administered, monitored and changed in response to business conditions.
  3. Perform detailed risk assessments and analyses for new/revised products, services and projects, including recommendations for addressing the associated risks, threats and vulnerabilities.
  4. Monitor, identify, investigate, track and report all information security violations, including leading the incident response process.
  5. Monitor/audit for compliance and the performance of key security oversight tasks, as specified in the Network – Internet Systems and Security Monitoring Schedule.
  6. Manage Bank-wide and/or departmental projects or initiatives to implement or optimize critical information security controls and services.
  7. Deliver information security services according to established or evolving service-level objectives.
  8. Identify and manage tools for evaluating information security risk, threats, and vulnerabilities.
  9. Conduct trainings such as information security awareness programs and incident response processes.
  10. Manage, maintain, update, and coordinate the Bank’s Business Continuity Program,
  11. Primary contact with in-house staff regarding information security related issues and requests.
  12. Primary contact for coordinating, overseeing, and evaluating the work and solutions of information security third party providers, which includes the management of the Bank’s service call log for tracking vendor performance.
  13. Ensure adherence to regulatory rules and regulations (e.g. GLBA), and to Bank policies, procedures and standards.
  14. Manage and oversee user rights management (JHA Global Security) in the Bank’s core system, which includes leading the implementation project.
  15. Provide assistance in developing and maintaining the information security budget with the Senior Operations Officer.
  16. Establish and maintain effective working relationships to help business units meet their goals and objectives.
  17. Keep current with latest security trends, methodologies and technologies; stay abreast, on a daily basis, of all relevant information security incidents and inform the Senior Operations Officer as appropriate.
  18. Ensure that appropriate compliance training is completed and own work, as well as work of any employees supervised, is in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.
  19. Ensure that appropriate compliance training is completed and own work, as well as work of any employees supervised, is in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.
  20. Assume additional duties and responsibilities as requested.



A Bachelor’s Degree is preferred in IT or IT security, combined with 5 to 7 years of experience in IT and/or information security.



  1. Minimum of 5-7 years of direct experience working with IT and/or information security.
  2. 5-7 years of experience performing risk assessments is preferred.
  3. 2-5 years experience with business continuity planning is preferred.
  4. Budgeting experience a plus.
  5. Experience in several different areas of banking.
  6. Strong analytical, problem-solving and interpersonal skills.
  7. Highly self-sufficient, detail-oriented, and possess superior organizational and time management skills.
  8. Strong oral and written communication skills.
  9. Ability to interact with all levels of the Bank.
  10. Ability to relate complex materials in user-friendly manner.
  11. Intermediate to advanced skill Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel.
  12. Self-motivated and innovative
  13. Knowledge of Windows server software preferred.
  14. Ability to travel to all branch locations.



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